Steinberg’s Nuendo DTS encoder now shipping worldwide

Steinberg Media Technologies’ Nuendo DTS Encoder plug-in, which adds compatibility with the DTS format to Nuendo systems, is now shipping as a cross platform version for Mac OSX and Windows 2000/XP. DTS is a major surround format, with more than 22,000 cinemas using DTS audio delivery worldwide. Nuendo systems will now be able to export single files or an entire surround mix of up to 5.1 channels in the DTS format faster than real-time. An integrated option to export as DTS WAV files allows the burning of encoded files to CD for playback of a DTS stream via the digital output of any CD player.

The Nuendo DTS encoder also will create additional discreet WAV files of the exported audio corresponding to the number of encoded and internally decoded channels and automatically place them on newly created tracks in the Nuendo project. Implementation of the DTS technology also allows for monitoring the complete encoding-decoding process on a per channel basis.

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