Steinberg announces 2.2 versions of Cubase SX/SL and Nuendo

Steinberg Media Technologies has a new update to its Nuendo and Cubase digital audio workstations. The 2.2 versions of Nuendo, Cubase SX and Cubase SL will offer new remote control features, with Cubase SX and Nuendo also receiving three new VST plug-ins. The update for all three programs is now available as a free Internet download to existing owners.

The new VST plug-ins are Monologue, a monophonic analog synthesizer based on physical modeling technology that offers a full palette of sounds for bass, lead and sequenced sounds without straining the computer’s CPU; Embracer, a polyphonic surround-capable synthesizer designed for producing pads and accompaniment sounds in both stereo and surround environments; and Tonic, an analog modeling filter effect based on the filter design of the Monologue monophonic synthesizer.

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