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Stats look good for mobile advertising, says Harris Interactive study

As part of the Open Mobile Video Coalition’s Mobile DTV Consumer Showcase, TVB and the Ad Council created a mobile ad campaign. The PSA campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk and buzzed driving was based on the ad campaign running on TV. Running for three weeks, centered around the July 4 holiday, “Project Roadblock: Mobile” was made up of 30-second spots, interstitial billboards that appeared during channel changes and interactive banner ads that appeared on the mobile DTV channel guide. Eight local broadcast stations and 375 consumers participated in the campaign.

Harris Interactive’s findings showed that mobile phone user’s recall of the anti-drunk driving advertising more than doubled, to 34 percent from 15 percent, prior to the launch of the campaign. About 69 percent of the users who recalled the ads saw them while they were out of home. Viewers had the highest recall for the 30-second spots, but one-third of those who remembered the ads also remembered the interstitial billboards.

Executives at TVB and the Ad Council expressed enthusiasm for the results, which, “demonstrated that as mobile DTV rolls out, local television will provide the added benefit of being the most portable and personal media connection to consumers,” said Abby Auerbach, TVB’s executive VP and CMO.