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SSVC chooses IBIS for station automation

The BFBS Television service has automated many of its production processes with an IBIS system that helps streamline the workflow.

Following the implementation of IBIS technology for Navy TV, the UK’s Services Sound & Vision Corporation’s BFBS Television service has chosen IBIS to provide station automation and workflow management systems for the production and transmission of television services for UK forces stationed around the world.

The contract was won in association with systems integrator ATG Broadcast. IBIS controls the ingest and management of programs off-air or via line feeds into two Quantel sQ Servers. An additional Quantel sQ provides clip replay for BFBS produced news and children’s programming.

Thirty Mb/s D10 files and 1.5 Mb/s proxy files are created in paralle and recorded clips are reviewed using IBIS Vistapoint, marking original channel branding such as voiceovers or end credit squeezes. Clips ready for transmission are then transferred to mirrored Quantel sQ playout servers or to the near-line archive.

IBIS Station automation controls the transmission of downloaded Proxy schedules, as well as template recall on the Miranda PresMaster Presentation Mixer to replace original channel branding.

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