SportScape Launches Out-of-Home Viewing Add-On

CHIGACO: By the time the 2009 football season kicks off, going to the local watering hole to catch a game could have a new dimension. SportScape, which launched earlier this week in sports bars around the country, wraps live network television sports programming with original digital content.

The service was developed by a partnership among OnSite Network, Rivals Media of Des Moines, and Targetcast Networks of San Ramon, Calif. All previously branded OnSite Network locations have been converted to the SportScape moniker. The SportScape affiliate network aims to have "a significant presence" in every city with an NFL team by the start of the 2009 season.

According to the company, up to 30 percent of all sports viewing is done away from home.

"Marketers may struggle getting their message to disinterested consumers with changing in-home TV viewing habits and growing DVR presence, but the away-from-home sports TV viewing experience remains passionate and strong," said SportScape Chief Marketing Officer Rick Sebok.

He noted that while sports-oriented adults in the 21-45 age bracket can be hard to engage, "research shows that they'll come together in venues to watch televised sporting events for an average of 105 minutes per visit."

SportScape delivers narrowcast content and messaging through an L-shaped banner that partially frames the television programming. The selected network or cable TV programming is not disrupted by the SportScape programming.

SportsScape programming includes daily feeds of sports commentary, entertainment and event information customized to the affiliate's local market, along with interactive features such as on-premise games keyed to the on-screen sporting event and text message-based contests, promotions and polls.