Splash News selects MediasFTP to deliver photographs

Splash News & Picture Agency will use Mainstream Data's MediasFTP service to deliver its content, which includes more than 1200 high-quality photographs daily.

Mainstream's MediasFTP managed content delivery service, introduced in 2006, employs secure FTP technology to provide simple, simultaneous and cost-effective broadcast delivery of high-value content to large numbers of clients. MediasFTP is based upon standard IP infrastructure but employs applications developed and administered by Mainstream to improve FTP's reliability and manageability.

Splash News also uses Mainstreams' MediasHAL monitoring service to provide proactive delivery network monitoring and real-time access to system status. Launched by Mainstream last year, MediasHAL is a remote site monitoring technology that allows Splash News to view network status at each of its remote clients. Using MediasHAL, Splash News now has real-time visibility into its network 24/7.

For more information, visit www.mainstreamdata.com/Default.aspx?p=6.