Spectra Logic offers new IBM TS1140 tape drives

Spectra Logic is now offering the IBM TS1140 Tape Drive with its enterprise class T-Finity tape library solutions.

The addition of TS1140 drives extends Spectra Logic’s enterprise tape library offering, which includes the TS1140 drives for high capacity, high duty cycle environments, as well as cost-effective IBM LTO tape drives. The company is currently the only tape library vendor aside from IBM offering the high performance, energy-efficient TS1140 Tape Drive.

The IBM TS1140 Tape Drive provides 4.0TB native storage capacity (8.0TB with 2:1 compression) and native data transfer rates of 240MB/s (480MB/s compressed). The TS1140 drive can support connectivity to high speed 8Gb/s Fibre Channel environments. Offered exclusively with IBM and Spectra Logic tape libraries, the higher capacity TS1140 Tape Drives give organizations the ability to keep the same physical footprint while keeping up with burgeoning data growth and data center space constraints.

The Spectra T-Finity provides a set of built-in enterprise features around data integrity verification, management, maintenance and encryption. Using TS1140 drives, it provides up to 740.2PB of compressed storage in a single library complex. Based on Spectra’s TeraPack media management system, T-Finity maximizes data center space utilization and consumes up to 50 percent less power than competing enterprise tape libraries.