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Spectra Logic adds free data integrity verification for tape libraries

Spectra Logic is offering for free the capability to verify the status of data stored on its tape libraries for content archives. The capability extends across the company’s complete line of T-Series tape-based data storage libraries. Spectra’s BlueScale data integrity verification is being addressed through data scrubbing techniques from memory to high-end RAID.

Verification is important to ensure long-term data reliability on tape cassettes and that data written to tape is retrievable now and for years to come. With data integrity verification, Spectra’s tape libraries automatically check the media and the data on tape throughout the storage life of the data. Integrated data integrity verification is increasingly becoming a data center requirement for data storage solutions.

Data integrity verification is a key new feature available in BlueScale 11.3, the company’s software management platform, which powers Spectra Logic’s full line of tape libraries. Spectra Logic’s data integrity verification improves system availability and data integrity by proactively performing background read verification passes of the tape media on a scheduled basis and reporting potentially latent failures.

Data integrity verification includes three levels of fully automated validation: pre-scan, quick scan and post-scan. It seamlessly integrates into existing environments and operates as a background library-managed process with no impact to application software configurations.