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Sparks fly between SGI and Discreet products

Silicon Graphics (SGI) has joined Discreet's infrastructure sparks partner program. As part of the agreement, Discreet and SGI are qualifying key elements of the SGI InfiniteStructure solution, including the SGI’s SAN Server family and CXFS shared file system, to work with Discreet’s systems and software product lines.

Discreet, working with SGI, will resell SGI’s SAN solutions worldwide as a part of its infrastructure products for scalable shared storage environments. A target market is high-resolution digital film and television formats, including the emerging digital intermediate market.

SGI’s InfiniteStructure solution provides one of the most massively scalable, highest performing shared storage architectures available to the digital media industry today, according to the company. The SGI CXFS file system provides the potential to store up to 18 exabytes (18 million terabytes) of data, or the equivalent of more than nine million high-resolution 2K feature films. The SAN can be configured to provide as much as 12GB-per-second aggregate bandwidth, the equivalent of 32 10-bit 2K film data streams. As a result, InfiniteStructure systems also provide a unique high-performance shared storage environment for Discreet’s real-time lustre digital film color grading system.

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