South Korean News Service Deploys TVUPack for ENG

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. –SBS, South Korea's national television network, has selected TVUPack mobile wireless cellular uplink technology to expand its ENG capabilities.

The deployment has enabled SBS to deliver innovative live video footage.

“We have been able to do a number of creative things with the TVUPack. We have gone live from moving vehicles — including cars, bicycles and a bus that we built as a mobile studio. TVUPack’s versatility lets us deliver live news from practically any location that the story requires,” explained SBS reporter Woochul Choi.

The TVUPack family of products gives broadcasters satellite and microwave TV truck functionality in a lightweight, portable and untethered form. It is the original one button operation backpack. It provides broadcasters with low-latency, HD-quality signal that enables them to broadcast live.

The TVUPack family of products has been used to deliver professional-quality live HD footage of events, including the London Olympics, U.S. presidential election primaries, the World Cup, Hurricane Sandy and the South Korean presidential elections.