SoundField mic, processor deliver 5.1 surround for new Telegenic 3-D OB truck

Independent UK outside broadcast services company Telegenic has installed a digital SoundField microphone and upmix processor in its new 3-D OB vehicle, which entered service in the spring. The truck has been generating live coverage in 3-D for a variety of sporting events for European satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

Sky has relied on SoundField in Europe, offering HD visuals with 5.1 surround sound since early 2006. Since April, Telegenic's new 3-D OB vehicle has been in use offering visuals in 3-D and sound in full 5.1 surround sound.

The main surround microphone in the Telegenic 3-D truck is SoundField's digital DSF-2, together with the company's DSF-3 digital 5.1 surround processor. This combination produces a completely phase-coherent, all-digital 5.1 soundscape that can be downmixed for stereo transmissions to older receivers without creating phase problems.

Two SoundField UPM-1 upmix processors, capable of producing downmix-compatible, phase-coherent surround from two-channel stereo also are onboard the new Telegenic 3-D truck.

A second Telegenic 3-D unit is currently undergoing integration at Sony's Basingstoke headquarters. It too will feature the SoundField DSF-2/DSF-3 combination and a pair of UPM-1 upmixers.