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Sony to ship XDCAM HD next year

The new HD version of the XDCAM system from Sony will enable producers to combine HD resolution with the same IT-based workflow available in the current XDCAM system, while maintaining compatibility with the same Professional Disc (PFD-23) media.

Sony will also launch the PDW-F330 camcorder, PDW-F70 disc recorder and the PDW-30 Disc viewer. The XDCAM HD products will be positioned between Sony’s entry-level HDV format and the high-end HDCAM and HDCAM SR formats.

XDCAM HD products will offer users the flexibility of recording 1080i video in three data recoding rates: 18-, 25-and 35Mb/s. The XDCAM HD camcorder will also feature 24P acquisition, native recording capabilities, and be able to record four channels of 16-bit, 48kHz uncompressed audio.

XDCAM HD products record high-definition content to Sony’s Professional Disc media using an HD MPEG-2 long GOP video compression codec. With the system, users will be able to record up to two hours of content on the optical media.

The XDCAM HD products will support both HD and DVCAM recording, and the camcorder and deck will also playback both DVCAM and HD formats.

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