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Sony Selected as Reseller of Harris Zandar Multiviewer

Harris Corp. has announced that Sony Electronics has been selected to become primary U.S. reseller of the Harris Zandar QS100HD “multiviewer” card.

The device is part of a family of Harris multi-image products and it fits into the expansion slots of Sony’s LUMA LCD monitories series.

“The QS100HD quad-split card allows Sony to offer a high-performance multiviewer solution with our LUMA LCD monitors,” said Mark Bonifacio, Sony Electronics senior marketing manager. “Its unique design offers our mutual customers a way to save both space and power, while maximizing their video production and viewing capabilities.”

The card provides an easy means for displaying multiple television images on a single display device, especially in applications where space for external multiplexing equipment is limited, such as in mobile production vehicles.

“This important reseller agreement builds on the strong existing collaboration between Harris Corporation and Sony in the U.S. market,” said Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast Communications. “Sony has an extensive dealer network in the U.S., which will help allow prospective and existing customers to receive rapid information and best-in-class support for this one-of-a-kind multiviewer solution.”