Sony Plans HD Television Show for PS3 Download

Sony said this week it plans to begin producing an original content TV program in HD that will focus on video gaming for devotees of its PlayStation 3 console. The TV program, entitled “Qore,” will be produced monthly and provide news, tips and other data on new video games, as well as comments and reviews from critics and game developers. It will combine typical TV viewing with some gaming options, as well.

The program, to debut this week, is being sold at the online PS3 store for $3 an episode (or a full year for $25). In initiating the monthly show, Sony will begin to offer at least a minimum of TV fare that is expressing geared to users of its gaming units—something that Microsoft has been doing for its Xbox 360 gamers for quite awhile, which currently includes full-length movies and TV episodes in SD for downloading to Xbox 360 consoles.

Sony, unlike Microsoft, owns a major Hollywood studio and could produce far more HD and SD original content for its gamers, if it were so inclined. While Sony has given indications in the past year that it was open to providing more original HD content for PS3 enthusiasts, no specifics plans have yet been forthcoming.

Some analysts are waiting for the holiday season late next fall when they think some strategies for increased HD/SD downloads and two-ways by Sony (and Microsoft) will begin to emerge.