Sony, Panasonic to show 3-D systems at CEATEC in Japan

Set for demo at CEATEC in Japan, beginning Oct. 6, Panasonic will show its 50in, 3-D-compatible HD plasma display panel and active shutter glasses that enable the viewing of 3-D images, and Sony will show the HFR Comfort-3D, which records at 240fps through a single lens.

Both companies plan to bring 3-D HDTV to the market in 2010. Like it did with HDTV sets before, sports programming is considered a major driver for the new technology.

Panasonic said its newly developed, high-speed 3-D drive technology enables rapid illumination of pixels while maintaining brightness. The panel also incorporates a crosstalk reduction technology allowing for minimizing double-image (ghosting) that occurs when left- and right-eye images are alternately displayed. Plasma display panels have excellent video response with moving picture resolution.

Sony said its monocular lens reduces the gap between left and right, using a mirror instead of the shutter. There’s a relay lens in the collimated region (the area that extends from a point source of light parallel to the focal position of the object), and each side uses a CMOS sensor. There is no time difference between left and right eye imaging, bringing smooth natural motion in sports action to 3-D images, Sony said.