Sony Launches Cloud TV for PlayStation

SAN MATEO, CALIF.—Sony has unveiled PlayStationVue, a new cloud-based TV service. PlayStationVue leverages the cloud to combine the live, on-demand, and catch-up TV content.

The smart “Search” feature narrows down results, and the “Explore” function allows viewers to filter the full catalog of live and on-demand content by type of program, genre, ratings, popularity, length and more. The service makes the past three days of popular programming available without the need to schedule recordings. Viewers can save shows to the cloud without storage restrictions or scheduling conflicts. Once viewers tag a favorite show, they automatically will have access to episodes of that show for 28 days.

During the invite-only beta, PlayStationVue will initially offer around 75 channels per market from the following major programmers, including local broadcast stations. Broadcast and cable networks on board include CBS, 18 Discovery nets, the Fox channels, the NBCU networks, those from Scripps and Viacom as well.

Pricing and packaging details will be revealed at commercial launch. There will be no contracts required. PlayStationVue will be offered on a month-to-month basis without any penalty for cancellation. There will be no equipment or installation charges. With broadband internet service and a PlayStation3 or 4, there’s no need to install or rent any additional equipment, Sony said.

PlayStationVue will begin an invite only beta preview during November for select PlayStation3 and 4 owners, with a phased roll-out starting in New York followed later by Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. The service will also become available on iPad; shortly thereafter, and later on more Sony and non-Sony devices.

PlayStationVue will launch commercially during the first quarter of 2015.