Sony delivers quad-layer professional disc for XDCAM system

Sony has expanded its SxS-1 memory card assortment with a new generation of media offering 50 percent faster transfer speed and twice the capacity of previous models.

The company has also has expanded its XDCAM Professional Disc product line with the addition of a quad-layer 128GB disc with more than two-and-a-half times times the capacity of the dual-layer 50GB disc and five-and-a-half times the capacity of the single-layer 23GB disc.

The new generation SBS64G1A and SBS32G1A SxS-1 memory cards can transfer data at up to 1.2Gb/s via the ExpressCard slot, without the need for special adapters. That’s 50 percent faster than the previous generation of SxS-1 memory cards.

This new feature supports the transfer speed requirements of the new PMW-500 camcorder, contributing a significant improvement to the XDCAM workflow with ultra-fast ingest times. Now professional users will be able to transfer 120 minutes of HD422 content directly to a laptop in eight minutes in the case of the 64GB model.

The new quad-layer Professional Disc, model PFD-128QLW, leverages Sony’s blue-laser technologies and newly developed high-density recording mechanism. At 128GB capacity, one quad-layer disc has enough capacity to back up two fully recorded 64GB SxS-1 memory cards.

Professional users can record up to four hours of HD content on this quad-layer disc when recording in MPEG HD422 mode at 50Mb/s. In DVCAM mode, users can record about seven hours and 50 minutes of content onto the new disc.

The PFD128QLW media is compatible with new XDCAM products planned for availability in summer 2011, including the XDS-PD2000 deck. The quad-layer disc is also designed for optimum performance with future versions of the XDCAM system.

The quad-layer PFD128QLW is a 5in write-once optical disc with a track pitch of 0.32 ìm, encased in a protective cartridge designed to be resistant to dust, shock and X-rays. With the new disc, users can expect long record times for high-quality content, more than 1 million read cycles, under specified operating conditions, and an estimated archival life of more than 50 years, according to Sony testing.

The new quad-layer disc will be available in the summer of 2011, coinciding with the launch of the next generation of XDCAM products.