Sony adds new PVM OLED-based production monitors

Sony expanded its line of OLED Trimaster EL models at the 2011 NAB Show with the introduction of the PVM-2541 25in and PVM-1741 17in professional video production monitors. The new monitors follow Sony’s most recent display innovation, the BVM-E Series of reference-grade OLED monitors, with a new signal engine, also in 25in and 17in sizes. These new monitors represent the next advancement in reference monitor technology, incorporating new processing and imaging capabilities for signal evaluation and a basis for color and tone comparison.

The new PVM Series offers a broad range of image quality and flexibility for video production. Each model offers 1920 x 1080 HD resolution with10-bit signal processing, and both models support multiple color standards and include an easy setup procedure for stability and matching.

These high-dynamic-range monitors complement Sony’s new PMW-F3 camera in that they are well-suited for high ambient light applications found on-set. They also feature a new control system similar to Sony’s PVM-740 OLED field monitor, with seven “F” key operations and a new menu navigation system.