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Sonic Solutions unveils HD-DVD SDKs

Sonic Solutions has introduced the AuthorScript HD-DVD Recorder and AuthorScript HD-DVD Navigator. The products are HD-DVD software development kits (SDKs).

The AuthorScript SDKs enable PC application developers and consumer electronics chip, middleware and system developers to integrate and deploy HD-DVD recording and playback functionality in their high-definition video products.

AuthorScript HD-DVD Navigator supports all playback functions for HD-DVD titles, including trick modes, such as fast forward, reverse and chapter selection. It also supports iHD, HD-DVD's advanced interactivity technology, giving developers the ability to deploy HD-DVD PC and CE players that enable consumers to view and interact with innovative HD-DVD titles.

AuthorScript HD-DVD Recorder supports data recording to HD-DVD media, allowing storage of up to 30GB on a single disc. It also enables recording of digital video and HDTV content to HD-DVD media.

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