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SONAPS offers networked production for broadcast newsroom

Sony Electronics has unveiled its vision for the broadcast newsroom of the future with SONAPS, a networked production system and the company's second-generation, all-digital, server-based news infrastructure.

SONAPS is based on the Material Exchange Format (MXF) file format to transfer, ingest and share footage as data files that can be viewed and managed by reporters and producers.

MXF-compatibility enables the system to maximize the workflow benefits of several Sony technologies that support this standard, including the XDCAM professional disc system, the e-VTR and the XPRI family of nonlinear editing technologies, as well as a growing list of MXF-based solutions from third parties. The result is a streamlined production chain that electronically manages content from filing and editing to playout and archive.

SONAPS complements a key feature of the XDCAM system: the ability to capture high-resolution A/V content simultaneously in a low-resolution, frame-accurate proxy version. Field crews can transfer this proxy A/V data to their studios significantly faster than real time, so in-house producers can begin assembling EDLs almost immediately following acquisition. Incoming material received by a facility also generates proxy data at the point of ingest.

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