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Solectek Intros Long-Range 5.8 GHz Wireless Products

Building on its successful SkyWay 5000 series 5.8 GHz high-power bridge/router family, Solectek introduced a new series of 5.8 GHz broadband radios that operate at powers up to 400 mW and support data rates over 100 Mbps, even after 128 bits AES encryption/decryption is added. Both the existing SkyWay 5000 radios and the new SkyWay 7000 radios use OFDM to allow robust operation in near or non-line-of-sight link conditions.

David Gell, vice president of engineering at Solectek, explained, "Typical systems with such high data rates are usually limited to short distances, but Solectek's high-power, 400 mW radio extends this range to five miles. Solectek's 7000 series is the only cost-effective solution that can claim 100+ Mbps data rates at meaningful distances. This is achieved with a compact, 1.5 foot antenna that can be mounted virtually anywhere."

For more information, see the Solectek SkyWay 7000 series technology summary and the press release Solectek Enhances its Long-Range, 5 GHz Wireless Product Line with Introduction of the SkyWay 7000 Broadband Radios.