Soho sees launch of runner recruitment service

Soho Runners opened for business this month with the specific aim of providing runners to Soho-based TV, post and film companies.

Headed by Spencer Saffer, the company started out as a Facebook initiative earlier this by its three co-founders. Spotting a gap in the market for a specialist agency providing enthusiastic, reliable and hard-working runners Soho Runners also aims to help ease the path of new creative talent.

"Though they are only just starting out in the industry, runners are some of the most important people in Soho and without them the industry would grind to a halt," explained Saffer. "Our aim is simple: to provide a flexible, convenient and affordable way for Soho's companies to gain access to high quality, trustworthy runners. In return, we provide the runners with a competitive wage but, perhaps more importantly, also give them the chance to benefit from the vast reservoirs of experience available in Soho's top film and post houses and from the professionals who work within them."

The agency has already provided runners the likes of Ascent 142, Absolute, Dubbs and Exposure Post.