Snell & Wilcox intros MPEG ingest system at IBC

Snell & Wilcox, targeting the ingest stage of the IT-based broadcast video infrastructure, has introduced a high-end MPEG ingest content mastering system that enables content owners to improve the facility’s overall workflow.

Ingest Station provides file-based content creation that eases quality control, workflow and storage in an IT-based television facility. The technology, said Snell & Wilcox, operates on the principle: “Master once—Re-purpose many.”

The Ingest Stations works with a variety of video, audio and file formats in standard and high-definition resolutions. It is suited for all ingest applications, including play-out from servers and long-term media storage.

During the ingest process, Snell & Wilcox’s technology optimizes the image quality of the content and adds metadata, including SMPTE UMID, for easier handling and reference throughout the media chain. The process employs two of the company’s legacy technologies: Prefix MPEG pre-processing and Ph.C motion compensation.

The equipment package includes Snell & Wilcox’s “Ingest Station” mastering encoder, "Mosalina" quality control software, and the "RepoDepot" file transcoder, a software solution designed to re-purpose any MPEG-2 master to produce a file in a different format.

The system is qualified as “smart” because it uses Snell & Wilcox’s MOLE technology to maximize optimum quality of the output file and increase processing speed by re-using MPEG-2 coding data.

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