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Snell & Wilcox Archangel Ph.C Restores Classic 'Toons

JCA TV is breathing new life into "Felix the Cat," and "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" and other classic cartoons with the help of Snell & Wilcox Archangel Ph.C real-time restoration system.

London-based Entertainment Rights, which owns the catalog of generations of kids favorites, commissioned JCA TV to prepare new DigiBeta masters for international distribution. JCA TV, a duplication & replication post house in London, is using the motion compensation technology in Snell's Archangel Ph.C to correct artifacts, noise, dirt and scratches, unsteadiness and flicker. Archangel Ph.C also fixes and stabilizes video material that has deteriorated or been damaged.

"Artifacts such as excessive film grain, dirt, scratches and weave can contribute up to half of the data on a DVD or satellite transmission path when raw images have to be encoded and transmitted," said Ian Ellis, Snell & Wilcox product manager for the Archangel Ph.C.