Snell & Wilcox and da Vinci team up to create Picasso LD virtual telecine

Snell & Wilcox and da Vinci Systems have combined their respective expertise to create a real-time, nonlinear color grading system, called the Picasso LD. This virtual telecine is designed to handle all HD formats, including 24p, and facilitates film-to-tape, tape-to-tape and disk-to-disk applications.

Within Picasso LD, da Vinci’s 2K image processor serves as the user control surface, while Snell & Wilcox's Picasso workstation functions as a video and data server and real-time re-sizing engine. Pan, scan and zoom data can be generated within the da Vinci 2K and then transferred to Snell & Wilcox’s Splicer conforming system so that format conversion can take place away from the 2K suite.

Picasso is a disk-based, real-time nonlinear color correction system designed specifically for HDTV, DTV and digital cinema applications. It ensures that a program’s coloring and lighting aesthetics match from frame to frame.

da Vinci’s 2K system includes a real-time, multi-standard, multi-resolution image processor that can color enhance in standard definition, HDTV, and data up to 4000 x 4000.

The complete Picasso LD system is planned to ship in early 2003, with versions available for HD and 2K data resolutions.

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