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Snell & Wilcox

Snell & Wilcox introduced the HD3060, a 3M/E, 64-input HD switcher designed for live production. The switcher is expandable to 128 inputs and 12 keyers - including four high-quality DSKs. The HD3060 works in all HD and SD formats.

The HD3060 offers the option of up to four, two-channel DVEs that can apply effects to the keyers and background transitions, including warps, tiling, ripples, rolls and peels, and lighting effects. In addition, the effect options can be fully integrated and require no additional connections or extra rack space.

Other interesting features of the HD3060 include instantaneous HD and SD switching, break away M/E control with separate control panel, macro functionality and seamless integration with external devices.

Finally, "FlexiCache,” an optional, fully integrated RAM recorder adds stings and bumps to live HD production with control directly from the switcher. FlexiCache can provide on-line storage for up to two minutes of full-frame 1080/60i. Using a "Crumple" feature can further increase this capacity. Up to four FlexiCache outputs can be fed directly into the switcher, providing immense creative power.

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