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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.: The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers announced the publication of the Broadcast eXchange Format 2.0 suite which streamlines interoperability and information exchanges between business and media management systems vital to broadcast and new-media operations. 

The BXF suite provides a standardized approach for the exchange of schedule, as-run logs, content metadata, and content transfer instructions between systems across broadcast and new-media operations, including servers, editors, traffic and billing, sales and scheduling, automation, and digital asset management equipment. More than 150 people from 80 companies around the world helped develop BXF 2.0, SMPTE said.

The updated BXF 2.0 XML schema and documents will be available for purchase and subscribers from the store section of the SMPTE Digital Library (

The BXF 2.0 suite includes several backward-compatible enhancements to the existing BXF schema set to ensure scalability and future proofing for broadcast and new-media operations. These include additional support for sponsored secondary events, reuse of house numbers, enhanced multi language support, and the ability to communicate currently airing, previous, and upcoming events.

The SMPTE BXF Working Group (34CS-10) already is focused on BXF 3.0, including efforts to expand support for a broader range of media facilities with enhancements such as digital rights management. For more information on how to get involved in SMPTE BXF 3.0, contact Lennon at