Sky Entertainment rebrands channels with Clarity 3D

Pixel Power announced that its Clarity 3D graphics option and multiple 3000 broadcast graphics systems were used by Sky Broadcasting to drive a rebranding initiative for the entertainment channels Sky1, Sky2 and Sky3.

The new look, which went on-air on Aug. 31, leverages the capabilities of Clarity 3D to create a brand image that Sky’s competitors cannot achieve.

The Clarity 3000 systems also provide the ability to push live video and video clip graphics in a 3-D space. As part of the installation, more than 35 Clarity 3000 units, each including real-time 3-D software and hardware, were delivered to Sky.

All of the Clarity systems can be integrated with Pixel Promo Live, the integration and automation toolkit from Pixel Power, for automated branding, which supports a variety of workflow processes by automatically generating interstitial graphics.

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