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Six More Stations Launch Local HD

At least six more stations have upgraded their locals newscasts to high definition since mid-September. A peruse of news yields stations in Pennsylvania, Kansas and the Carolinas started doing local news in HD. WTAE-TV, the ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh owned by Hearst-Argyle, said it went up in “stunning high definition” using the same 3D graphics as CNN and ESPN. The station joins WPXI-TV (NBC) and WPGH (Fox) in that city. WLOS-TV, the ABC affiliate for Asheville, N.C., owned by Sinclair, and WMYA-TV, a MyNetworkTV affiliate owned by Cunningham but operated by Sinclair; also launched HD news. “This is the largest change in look in the history of the station,” said the general manager, Jack Connors, on the WYMA Web site. “The process of building a set while you’re on the air is like rebuilding your kitchen while you’re trying to cook.” WCSC-TV, Raycom’s CBS affiliate in Charleston, S.C., became the first station in its market to do HD news Sept. 29. KWCH-TV, the CBS affiliate in Wichita, Kans. Owned by Schurz Communications, will be the first station in the state to do local news in HD sometime this month. On. Sept. 15, WSMV-TV, the Meredith-owned NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tenn., became the second station in that market to do local hi-def newscasts. Television Broadcast’sHD News Map does not yet reflect these additions.