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SISLIVE puts SoundField DSF-2 mic system to work for OB HD surround sound

UK-based outside broadcast facilities provider SISLIVE has purchased a SoundField DSF-2 digital microphone system and accompanying DSF-3 surround-sound processor.

The DSF-2/DSF-3 pairing made its debut on SISLIVE's HD coverage of 2008's Wimbledon tennis tournament for BBC Sport in June and has since been used for the live coverage of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

The DSF-2 is the first digital implementation of SoundField's technology; all previous models were analog. It allows a specially designed multicapsule microphone to behave as a point source, faithfully capturing an acoustic event in all three dimensions. The resulting signals can then be converted into phase-coherent mono, stereo, M&S or any surround format.

With many SoundField systems, the output can be generated in several formats simultaneously, which has proved attractive to broadcasters needing to provide stereo audio for SD transmissions and simultaneous 5.1 surround for HD services.

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