SIS LIVE uplinks signals with FOR-A mixers

The UK division of FOR-A has supplied two HVS-650HS HANABI portable 1 M/E vision mixers to SIS LIVE, one of Europe’s largest OB and uplink providers, for use in its satellite uplink trucks. The two mixers complement the SIS LIVE uplink vehicles’ capabilities by providing live mixing for shows as they are uplinked. The HVS-650HS is an HD/SD-compatible mixer offering up to eight HD/SD-SDI and four analog inputs and five HD/SD outputs.

The new mixers fit well into the current operations, according to SIS LIVE project manager Dave George. “One feature that works well for us is that the FOR-A mixer comes as two separate units. One is the main video processor that fits into a 2RU rack space and the other is the control panel that we can place where we want it, connected by just one BNC coax cable. We find this meets our requirements and is much more convenient than other ‘all-in-one’ products, which would then mean we have to put all the video cables through to the [production switcher],” George said.

The HVS-650HS can be switched to operate with most SD and HD standards. It features two picture-in-picture effects and one DSK as standard. The available options include an additional keyer, analog component/DVI-I (PC)/composite I/O, upconversion, a frame sync card and a polygon-based 3D DVE.