Sir Michael Lyons Opens IBC Conference

The opening plenary session of the IBC2010 conference will feature an address by Sir Michael Lyons, the chairman of the BBC Trust, on the future of public service broadcasting. The session also includes keynote addresses by Yoshinori Imai, vice president of Japanese national broadcaster NHK, and by Ingrid Deltenre, director general of the European Broadcasting Union. The three will be interviewed by media journalist and commentator Raymond Snoddy.

This year’s IBC conference with the theme “Challenging Mindsets in a Modern Media Landscape,” seeks to tackle the real commercial, creative and technical issues facing the broadcast industry. One of these is the place of public service broadcasting (PSB) in an increasingly online, on-demand world.

A second hot topic looks at the ways we will pay for content in the future. How can you make money from high-quality programming and trusted brands in a world seemingly obsessed with user-generated content and social media?

In an Olympic and Fifa World Cup year sports is on everyone’s mind. The IBC conference draws the leading players together to talk about the technical, creative and business challenges and opportunities. And linked in an important way, the fourth key topic looks at the future of stereoscopic 3D. It has won huge numbers of fans in the cinema, but will it make it into the home? Will sports be the engine to take it there?

In a matrix with these four topics are three vertical streams: technology, content creation, innovation and the business of broadcasting. Each will be investigated from every angle, ensuring that attendees get the coverage that meets their particular needs and can contribute to real debates.