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Singapore broadcaster inks deal with Jampro for turnkey system

MediaCorp, Singapore has awarded Jampro Antennas a contract to provide a complete system that includes the company’s model JUHD broadband UHF panel antenna and an extremely complex switching and patching matrix to integrate MediaCorp's three main towers that serve Singapore and the Malay Peninsula.

Jampro will provide a broadband UHF panel antenna with dual runs of high-power transmission line; a dual chain digital UHF combiner, consisting of 12 Constant Impedance modules; and a cross-site patching matrix system that allows transmission on different antennas/towers. Included in the order is a 48-panel JUHD UHF panel antenna that can handle multiple channels DVB-T/H or analog and PAL signals on UHF bands IV and V.

To combine signals MediaCorp specified Jampro model DVB-T/T2 UHF constant impedance mask filter/combining modules. They provide low-power compact design that is suited to MediaCorp's equipment space limitations.