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SiliconDust Delays Shipments of NextGen TV Receiver

(Image credit: Silicondust)

PHOENIX—SiliconDust, which recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign to develop one of the first NextGen TV receivers on the market, says it is having to delay shipment of the units until August. 

The company originally hoped to make its HDHomeRun Quatro 4K (HDHR5 4K) receiver available starting at $199 to donors to its Kickstarter campaign this month, but said that manufacturing glitches will lead to a delay. 

“Manufacturing started as planned, but we found a problem during the testing of the first 1,000 units,” the company announced on its website over the July 4 holiday weekend. “The problem is understood and we have sample units arriving next week for verification/sign-off. For delivery, this means July deliverables will be August. August deliverables will be later than planned but still be August.”

The company, which has been manufacturing its HDHomeRun brand of digital tuners for more than a decade, wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign in May, raising more than $600,000. Its original goal was $50K.

Tom Butts

Tom Butts has been the editor in chief of TV Technology since 2001. He started out in this industry reporting for member communications for the National Association of Broadcasters in 1995. He is also former editor of DTV Business for Phillips Publishing (now Access Intelligence) and launched for VerticalNet in 1999. He is a graduate of the University of Maine.