Signiant File Transfer Tech Helps To Power NBC Sports Remote Olympics Workflow

NBC Olympics
(Image credit: NBC Olympics)

LEXINGTON, Mass.—NBC Sports is leveraging Signiant software for intelligent file transfer of petabytes of HDR and 4K footage upon capture from Beijing to its Stamford, Conn., headquarters for its ongoing production of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games.

Signiant’s acceleration technology is enabling seamless transfer of footage over standard IP networks, eliminating latency and packet loss. NBC Sports editors in Stamford can begin creating highlights almost immediately as the action is happening, the company said.

The software is also used to transfer content quickly back to the International Broadcast Center in Beijing. The fast, easy and secure transfers help to make it possible for NBC Sports to leverage its talent and equipment in Stamford, enabling heightened efficiency, it said.

“The foundation and first partnership with Signiant during last Summer’s Tokyo Olympics were a precursor to an expansive strategy of file movement and workflow orchestration,” said Darryl Jefferson, vice president of post-production and digital workflow for NBC Sports and Olympics. “Now handling even more productions at remote locations, our efforts depend on real time collaboration, file synchronization and raw speed. Signiant delivers each of those, and we look forward to continued partnership at the Olympic Winter Games.”

More information is available on the Signiant website

Phil Kurz

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