Sigma Electronics re-designs company Web site

Sigma Electronics has re-designed its Web site providing a more user-friendly and comprehensive online resource.

Sigma Electronics' new Web site allows end users to order and purchase Sigma products online.

The new site features complete product catalogs and an in-depth explanation of Digital Audio Time Code (DATC), Sigma Electronics’ new technology that has been designed to provide unique solutions to the timing, mixing and synchronizing challenges inherent in the delivery of digital audio. The new site also allows end users to order and purchase Sigma products online.

The new Web site design reflects the technology developments newly introduced by Sigma Electronics, including the recent launch of OctaStream at NAB2003. The product line, which is featured on the site, is based on Sigma’s DATC technology. DATC is Sigma’s answer to the timing issues associated with synchronizing audio and video in a DTV stream.

The OctaStream family of products includes the DA5320 Mixer & Subframe Router, the DA5315 Variable Delay Compensator, the DA5325 Sample Rate Converter and the SG5605 Audio Reference Generator. The technology deals with audio units of time, not video frame rates. This allows the system to be video system independent, while still having the capability of being fully integrated into an existing broadcast facility system.

The site also features a section accessible by customers only, and an advanced product search function.

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