Sharp offers Ultra-thin LCD with Wireless HD

Amimon has teamed up with Sharp Corp. to offer a wireless HD link for Sharp’s X-Series ultra-thin LCD sets (opens in new tab). Amimon’s technology (known as WHDI) was designed to deliver uncompressed HD video streams wirelessly. Coupled with Sharp’s thin HD screens, the wireless link eliminates the need for an audio/video cable between the monitor and a separate tuner.

WHDI technology provides a wireless range of up to 30 meters (penetrating most types of walls) with latency under a millisecond, according to Amimon, with its American base of operations in Santa Clara, Calif. Sharp’s new X-series models come in 37-, 42- and 46-inch screen sizes and parts of the panel are a mere 3.44 cm thick. The wireless units hit store shelves in Japan in April, and are expected to reach North America and other regions soon.