Sharp introduces 3-D video display

Sharp's LL-151-3D flat panel video display

Sharp has introduced a new flat-panel video display designed to deliver 3-D images to consumers without the need for special glasses.

Though a handful of other companies have previously produced stand-alone 3-D displays for the medical and scientific industries, Sharp’s new 15-inch LCD 3-D display for computers is the first to also target consumers, analysts said in a report by Associated Press.

The Sharp LL-151-3D display allows users to switch between 2-D and 3-D modes. The display has a special layer, which, when turned onto 3-D mode, helps create the illusion of 3-D vision, adding depth to images regardless of whether they were created in 3-D. The special effect is similar to the technology Sharp uses in one of its laptops introduced last year.

A growing number of video games, including ones for cell phones, feature 3-D effects. And software programs that allow users to turn conventional DVD movies or regular digital photos into 3-D images are starting to appear.

The LL-151-3D is now available for delivery.

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