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SeaChange backs Time Warner video-on-demand

Sixteen of Time Warner’s cable television divisions have now deployed video-on-demand (VOD) technology by SeaChange International.

SeaChange is backing Time Warner Cable’s iCONTROL service. The service provides movies-on-demand, subscription video-on-demand (SVOD), music-on-demand and tiers of free on-demand programming. Two of the sixteen Time Warner systems will soon be part of the Advance/Newhouse group.

The Time Warner Cable divisions, all long-time SeaChange advertising system customers, represent television markets in Austin, Tex.; Albany, N.Y.; Bakersfield, Calif. (Advance/Newhouse); Binghamton, N.Y.; Birmingham, Ala. (Advance/Newhouse); Charlotte, N.C.; Desert Cities, Calif.; Kansas City, Mo.; Lincoln, Neb.; Portland, Maine; Raleigh and Fayetteville, N.C.; Rochester, N.Y.; San Antonio, Texas; Shreveport, La.; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Waco, Tex.

Subscribers in these markets have a full slate of on-demand programming, including multiple Hollywood movie categories and SVOD services from HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. Time Warner Cable's free on-demand service encompasses feature programs and series episodes from A&E's Biography Channel, BBC America, Comedy Central, The Cartoon Network, CNN, DIY, Food Network, The Golf Channel and HGTV, as well as a library of music-on-demand.

“iCONTROL makes a digital two-way connection with subscribers and backs it with our local customer service—things the competition can't do for consumers,” said Stacy Schmitt, director of public affairs for Time Warner Cable's Waco, Tex. division.

The profile of the Time Warner Cable divisions using SeaChange gear varies widely, including subscriber counts, deployment infrastructure and digital set top boxes. In many Time Warner Cable locations VOD systems are running in unmanned cable hubs, with integrated software enabling remote monitoring and management. The full lifecycle of a video asset is automated, from the time a new movie or program is propagated across hubs and servers until the expiration of the studio contract.

SeaChange VOD systems are also being used by cable operators Adelphia, AT&T Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, Insight, Mediacom and Rogers Cable.

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