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Scripps Takes No Auction Proceeds

CINCINNATI—Following the FCC’s lift of the quiet period on station groups being able to publicly share their auction results, the E.W. Scripps Company has officially announced that it will not receive proceeds from the auctioning of broadcast spectrum.

“We pursued several channel-share arrangements with ourselves and other broadcast partners that would have allowed us to continue to operate our stations and serve our local communities while supporting the government in its attempt to recapture some broadcaster spectrum,” said Brian Lawlor, senior vice president, broadcast, for Scripps. “However, none of the spectrum we or our partners offered was selected during the auction process because the prices available in the auction fell below the value we ascribed to it. Scripps will continue to serve each of our local communities using our full spectrum capacity as allocated by the FCC.”

The FCC’s forward spectrum incentive auction closed on Friday, Feb. 10.