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Scripps Howard Broadcasting acquires more than 100 Fujinon lenses for HD ENG

Scripps Howard Broadcasting has purchased an extensive complement of Fujinon HTs18X4.2 BERM lenses with 2X extenders.

The more than 100 lenses are being used to outfit Scripps’ 10 broadcast TV stations, including six ABC-affiliated stations, three NBC affiliates and one independent. The lenses were designed for use with JVC GY-HD250 cameras.

According to Michael Doback, VP of engineering for the Scripps Station Group, the acquisition of such a large number of Fujinon lenses began when the company sought out a new HD format for electronic newsgathering (ENG). Around the time of NAB2006, the broadcaster approached several manufacturers requesting they consider creating a high-quality lens for the JVC camera, he said. By fall 2006, Fujinon had delivered a working prototype, which after testing led Scripps to equip all of its ENG cameras and some studio cameras with the lens, Doback said.

In addition to upgrading stations to HD, Scripps was looking to transform its workflow to a digital tapeless methodology. As part of that transition, Scripps stations now store video on Focus Enhancement FireStore disk drives and edit on Mac laptops with Apple Final Cut Pro.

The new Fujinon lens is an important piece of the overall transition, because, in the words of Doback, “high-quality glass is imperative for the smaller 1/3in imager (used in the JVC GY-HD250 cameras) to perform at its optimum.”

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