Screen Subtitling Systems Gives Voice to the Met

Screen Subtitling Systems, working with All-Mobile Video, is providing high-definition subtitles for the Metropolitan Opera in cinemas worldwide.

Screen began working with All Mobile Video and the Met Opera in October 2007 to implement a high-quality, multiple-language subtitling system. All Mobile Video is the Met’s main production-facilities and transmission-services provider.

Using the Screen Subtitling technology, the Met has been able to subtitle live HD opera performances in a range of languages.

More than 600 venues in North America, Australia, Europe and Japan participated in “Metropolitan Opera: Live in High Definition” during the 2007-08 season, which is triple the number from 2006. Through this global expansion, the Met reached an audience of more than 1 million viewers for the entire series.

Met Opera’s live performances have been further enhanced by Screen’s HD subtitling system, allowing viewers to enjoy high quality HD subtitles in a range of languages. Screen’s subtitling system consists of a Polistream HD subtitle language-encoding module for each language, an M3500 MPEG2 HD subtitle and logo inserter backed up by Screen’s Poliwise Support program, providing 24/7 advice and support from Screen’s support engineers.

Screen is continuing to further develop the system to provide an MSX subtitle monitoring system for producers to see multi-language subtitles simultaneously. The system already generates subtitles for North America, translates DVB subtitles in multiple European languages and coordinates different test and identification subtitles and the opera subtitles. In addition, Screen’s software allows subtitlers to change information during the live transmission.