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Scopus unveils DSNG professional encoder

Scopus' Codico E-1500 combines an encoder and modulator into one.

It complies with both MPEG-2 and DVB-DSNG standards. It has a low-delay mode for remote interviewing. It features a L-band monitoring output and various modulation options, including QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM.

The DSNP MPEG-2 unit uses teletext, VBI, and redundancy support. It has an AC-3 pass-through, pre-programmed consumption and variable GOP. Control the modulator from the Encoder's front panel.

Other options include:

  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • DVB Scrambling
  • Component Video input
  • Encoder cascading
  • BISS mode 1 and BISS-E (DSNG-CA) support

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