Schneider Filters Assist ‘Retired at 35’ Production

Donald Morgan
Schneider Optics has announced that the company’s Classic Soft filters are being used by Donald A. Morgan, ASC, an Emmy-winning cinematographer, in the production of the new TVLand series, “Retired at 35.”

“This series is set at a retirement community,” Morgan said. “Almost all of our characters are over 50. Adding a quarter Classic Soft filter can barely be seen, but it softens the edges, not only on our actors but also for the overall look of the show.”

Morgan added that “Retired at 35” was an unusual project, as sitcoms were new to TVLand. He is shooting the series with Sony HDC-1500 cameras equipped with Fujinon lenses.

“Because they are ENG lenses, I can clip on a matte box and add the quarter Classic Soft,” said Morgan. “Once the footage goes online it is transferred from 1080i to 575 and softened a little more. The combination of the Classic Soft and the down conversion produces a good DigiBeta master to hand to TVLand.”

Morgan selected the Classic Soft filters to lend a classic “old Hollywood” touch to the production, without the results looking filtered.

“It’s subtle but effective, not only on our actors, but on the sharpness of our sets,” said Morgan. “As always, no matter what the situation I’m in, I can find the right Schneider filter to help get the best image possible.”