SBE MemberPlus Adds SBE University Courses to Member Benefit

(Image credit: SBE)

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, the association for broadcast and multimedia technology professionals, introduced a membership benefit enhancement called SBE MemberPlus in 2018. SBE MemberPlus includes all the benefits of SBE membership and includes access to all the live and archived Webinars by SBE in the library for one low upgrade fee. Adding SBE MemberPlus to a membership costs less than registering for two Webinars by SBE a la carte.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, the SBE MemberPlus benefit will add access to the complete library of SBE University courses as well. SBE University is a collection of online self-study courses. Each course is an electronic book that typically includes 8-14 chapters. 

Each course can be taken as the student's time allows and will keep track of the ongoing progress. There are currently 16 courses available in SBE University. Topics include AM directional systems, working with station staffs, several technical introduction courses and more. The added benefit will be automatically available to existing and new SBE MemberPlus members on Jan. 1.

SBE President Andrea Cummis, CBT, said, "SBE University and Webinars by SBE, while both educational offerings, fill different needs in the SBE educational portfolio. Adding them to the SBE MemberPlus benefit expands the SBE's educational mission."

SBE Education Committee Chair Geary Morrill, CPBE, AMD, CBNE, adds, "Adding the SBE University content to the SBE MemberPlus benefit creates an even more compelling value to those choosing to select it. They'll find some great information within."

SBE says its MemberPlus has proven to be popular with SBE members. More than 1/3 of SBE members hold SBE MemberPlus, which is available to Regular, Senior, Life and Student members. In 2022 through November, there have been 4,605 Webinars by SBE registrations by SBE MemberPlus members.