SBE Announces New Membership Category

DENVER—The Society of Broadcast Engineers will offer a new “enhanced” membership category, outgoing SBE President Jerry Massey announced at Thursday’s national meeting in Denver.

Beginning in January, SBE members can go the traditional route or they can pay additional $175 and be part of the SBE Member Plus program.

Those who go opt to go “Plus” will receive all of the existing perks of SBE membership (discounts on educational programming, certifications and technical courses), but they will also be able to access the SBE’s webinar archive and will pay no additional fees to view webinars during that membership year.

Massey introduced this initiative as part of his final remarks before hanging up his hat as SBE president. He characterized his two years of service as “phenomenal” and remarked on the progress that the educational programming has made and predicted that there will be many more opportunities going forward. Massey said that attendance at some educational programs had doubled in 2018, particularly highlighting the society’s two webinar series.

After his induction and “swearing in,” new SBE President (and former VP) Jim Leifer recalled that when he started in broadcasting, his boss told him there would be change — and change there was! But, Leifer said, that’s way education is so important, and why so many members want there to be more opportunities to learn.

Note that there is another learning opportunity coming up shortly. The SBE will host its annual RF Safety webinar Nov. 9.