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Satellite Update – Feb. 3, 2011

Information on these applications is from FCC Report SAT-00753:

  • •SES Americom. Inc requested modification of its license for AMC-2 at 78.98 degrees west longitude (WL) to allow it to operate C-band transponders and telemetry, tracking and command/control operations, including one at 12,198 MHz, on polarizations opposite of those it is currently authorized to use. SES Americom requested an increase in peak EIRP for the C-band payload from 42.0 dBW to 42.1 dBW.
  • •SES Satellites (Gibraltar) Limit filed a Petition for Declaratory Ruling to add the conventional C- and Ku-band payloads on NSS-703 at 47.05 degrees WL to the FCC's Permitted Space Station List. SES also sought a waiver of several Part 25 rules.

From FCC Report SAT-00754:

  • •The FCC granted special temporary authority (STA) to LightSquared Subsidiary LLC to conduct in-orbit testing of Sky-Terra 1 at 101.3 degrees WL using the 1525-1544 MHz, 1544-1559 MHz, 10.7-10.95 GHz, and 11.2-11.45 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 1626.5-1645.5 MHz, 1646.5-1660.5 MHz (Earth-to-space) frequency bands. For this testing the FCC waived the power density limits in Section 25.208(b) of the rules.