Satellite Update

SES Satellites (Gibraltar) Ltd. filed a Petition for Declaratory ruling to add its AMC-18 satellite at 104.95 degrees WL to the Permitted Space Station List. This satellite will replace Satcom C-4 at that location. SES Satellites is licensed by Gibraltar to operate AMC-18 at that location. SES seeks permission to use AMC-18 to provide C-band fixed satellite services at that location, excluding direct-to-home services. From FCC Report SAT-00398.

The FCC granted PanAmSat Licensee Corp.'s request to modify its authorization for Galaxy 3C to add extended Ku-band service on a non-interference, unprotected basis. Galaxy 3C is located at 95.05 degrees WL and is currently authorized to provide fixed C-band and Ku-band services from that location. PanAmSat operations in the extended Ku-band, 11.45 to 11.7 GHz, would be receive-only. As one of the conditions of the grant, the FCC said PanAmSat is required to inform its customers, in writing, that the service in this band is being provided on an uncoordinated basis and that "the potential exists that future-licensed fixed stations may cause harmful interference to these unprotected earth stations." The existing Galaxy 3C downlinks in the 11.45-11.7 GHz comply with FCC power flux density limits. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00399 and IBFS.