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Satellite Update

The FCC granted PanAmSat's request to operate Galaxy 14 at 125.05 degrees west longitude orbital location rather than its previously authorized location of 125.15 degrees. Galaxy 14 is a C-band satellite providing U.S. coverage. PanAmSat corrected the command frequency for Galaxy 14 from the previously specified 6424.5 MHz to 6420.5 MHz. Lockheed Martin was allowed to perform in-orbit testing of its LM-RPS1 payload for 30 days, starting the date LM-RPS1 arrives at the 150.0 degree WL location. For more information on these actions and information on a transfer of control of ICO Global Communications, see FCC Report SAT-00326.

The FCC allowed Rainbow DBS Company LLC to transfer authority to operate a DBS space station at the 61.5 degree WL orbital location on 11 odd numbered channels from 1-21 to EchoStar Satellite LLC. The FCC assigned a special temporary authority to EchoStar to operate on two additional channels, 23 and 24, at 61.5 degrees WL, as well as the license to operate the associated earth station facility at Black Rock, S.D. The FCC said the proposed assignment was in the public interest, explaining "Our approval will allow EchoStar to augment its programming offerings from the 61.6 degree WL orbital location, including adding high definition (HDTV) and additional local broadcast channels in certain markets." For more information on the assignment, including the FCC's response to opposition from VOOM HD, LLC and The Association of Consumers to Preserve and Promote DBS Competition see FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order - IB Docket 06-72 (FCC 05-177).