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Satellite Update

The FCC accepted an application from PanAmSat License Corp. requesting modification of its launch and operation authority for PAS-4R at 169 degrees east longitude to revise the satellite's technical parameters and change the orbital location to 43 degrees west longitude. It also requested a waiver of Section 25.210(a)(3) requiring switchable polarization sense and Section 25.210(i) regarding antenna cross-polarization isolation. In a separate filing, PanAmSat requested authority to launch and operate C- and Ku-band satellite Galaxy 18 at 123 degrees WL as a replacement for Galaxy 10R, which is projected to reach the end of its life in 2008. PanAmSat requested a waiver of the antenna cross-polarization rule for Galaxy 18.

XM Radio Inc. requested a 90 day extension of its special temporary authorization to operate satellite XM-1 at 115.1 degrees WL, after which it would drift XM-1 to its licensed location at 85.2 degrees WL. XM Radio said the extension was needed in order to delay the start of the relocation of XM-1 until after the end of the eclipse season on April 13, 2007. Without the delay, XM Radio said relocating the satellite during the eclipse period would entail more risks due to premature solar array degradation of the satellite. XM Radio will operate only the command and telemetry system aboard XM-1 during the extended STA period.

SES Americom is seeking an STA to operate the AMC-16 Ku-/Ka-band hybrid satellite at the 96.925 degree WL and 113.075 degree WL orbital locations for up to 60 days, commencing when SEA Americom begins drifting the satellite back to the 85 degree WL orbital location from its current location at 119.75 degrees WL. SES Americom wants to operate the Ka-band payload and Ku-band telemetry, tracking and command systems on AMC-16 at 96.925 degrees WL and 113.075 degree WL orbital locations for up to 20 days at each location.

Information on these applications is from FCC Report SAT-00428.

The FCC International Bureau withdrew the launch and operating authority for Viasat Fixed Satelite Service satellite call sign S2735, effective March 12, 2007. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00429.